4th Annual Floating with Friends Dance Cruise

About Us

The 4th Annual Floating With Friends Dance Cruise is brought to you by Travel Team 360, LLC, a travel agency founded in 2008 by Sharon Tasman Prysant, a competitive ballroom dancer and professional travel agent. Collectively, the agents at TT360 have visited all 7 continents, including more than 55 countries and island nations, and have taken more than 40 cruises. Sharon brings the unique knowledge of the needs of ballroom dancers to to help create dream vacations that fit the competition schedules of professional dancers, as well as dance opportunities for social dancers.

About travel team 360

Emerald Ball 2019 - Dress by Grand Amour (www.grandamour.eu)

Emerald Ball 2019 - Dress by Grand Amour (www.grandamour.eu)

Sharon Tasman Prysant, President & Founder of Travel Team 360

Sharon Tasman Prysant, President & Founder of Travel Team 360

Emerald Ball 2019 - Dress by Grand Amour (www.grandamour.eu)

Emerald Ball 2019 - Dress by Grand Amour (www.grandamour.eu)

Sharon Tasman Prysant founded Travel Team 360, LLC in 2008 to help clients experience exceptional service for their journeys and special events. Along with TT360’s booking division, Cruise Planners-www.travelteam360journeys.com, and our team of experienced personnel, Travel Team 360 loves to help both new and veteran travelers discover the world and create lasting memories, as well as plan and coordinate group travel and events.

As a competitive ballroom and swing dancer herself for more than 20 years, Sharon has a rare combination of insider experience in both the dance and the travel worlds that makes her ideally suited to plan, coordinate and manage both competition and vacation travel for dancers.  With personal knowledge of the unique issues surrounding non-local competitions, and what it takes to minimize distractions. Sharon can help ballroom (and other) dancers manage their competition travel schedules, and build in "down time" relaxation or activities pre- or post-competition. 

Having traveled extensively to all 7 continents, including over 55 countries and islands, Travel Team 360’s travel professionals’ first-hand knowledge enables them to bring you a vacation filled with genuine “insider” experience. In addition to having taken more than 35 cruises to the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, Antarctica, Australia, New Zealand and the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Aegean Seas, Travel Team 360’s professionals have visited more than a dozen countries throughout Europe and Scandinavia on extended land-based travel, lived abroad in Paris, and roamed countless city streets on foot to absorb as much of the culture and environment as possible. 

Travel Team 360’s philosophy is to maximize travel enjoyment by teaming with you to help you discover your ideal journey anywhere 360 degrees around the globe. We truly believe that one size does not fit all when it comes to travel, and Travel Team 360 can help you design a journey that meets your dreams and desires. Whether you’re dreaming of a cruise through the Caribbean, an exotic adventure abroad, or the opportunity to truly immerse yourself in a foreign culture, we personally take the time to understand your travel preferences to create a complete vacation experience.

Whether it's doing the Cha-Cha in the Caribbean, going for a Tango in Buenos Aires, doing the Foxtrot in France, or Waltzing in Vienna, we are committed to enabling dancers to combine dance learning and travel.


Our instructors INclude:

Garry Gekhman

Garry Gekhman

Garry Gekhman

Originally from Tomsk, Russia, Garry is an internationally acclaimed Professional Ballroom Dancer, Certified Dance Teacher, Championship Licensed Adjudicator and Competition Organizer.  Garry is a World Vice-Champion and undefeated U.S. Classic Showdance Champion, a Finalist at the Blackpool International and U.K. Rising Star Standard Division, and an undefeated Israeli National Champion in Latin, Standard, and Classic Showdance. Well known for his riveting performances, Garry wowed American audiences as a professional performer on Dancing with the Stars. He has delighted in dance for 30 years, and currently resides in the Washington, DC community where he owns the Tyson’s Ballroom. Garry is also the organizer of the Fantasy Ball DanceSport Competition which takes place every Fall in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Garry's accomplishments include:

• Seven-time undefeated Israeli Ballroom, Latin, 10-dance, and Show Dance Champion
• Blackpool Rising Star Finalist
• Yankee Classic Standard Champion
• World Masters Standard Champion
• Philadelphia Dance Festival Standard Champion
• Constitution State Challenge Standard Champion
• North East Invitational Standard Champion
• Maryland DanceSport Standard Champion
• Virginia State Standard Champion
• 2-time US National Champion with Show Dance number “Freakazoid”
• Blackpool Show Dance performer of “Freakazoid”
• Performed on “Dancing with the Stars”

In addition to group classes in International Ballroom/Advanced Technique, Garry will be teaching a limited number of private lessons (for an additional fee). Register today to reserve your chance to take lessons with Garry!

Catrine Ljunggren

Catrine Ljunggren

Catrine Ljunggren

Coming all the way from Sweden, Catrine is a dancer, teacher, performer & organizer with over 40 years of experience specializing in Swing/Lindy Hop, Tap, Jazz as well as Argentine Tango.  Catrine is known for her high and positive energy, and her keen eye for details that helps her guide the students to a higher level of dance. 

During her 40 years as a dancer, she has traveled around the world teaching and performing, including being part of many dance camps, productions, musicals, commercials and television appearances. She also was as the choreographer for George Lucas’ movie "Red Tails". 

Catrine is one of six founders and original members of the legendary Rhythm Hot Shots who learned the Lindy Hop directly from Al Minns and Frankie Manning. Catrine and the Rhythm Hot Shots received numerous awards, including: 

  • Winner of the Legendary Amateur Night at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem

  • Winner of the Feather Award for Most Outstanding Global Swing Dancers

  • Winner of the Frankie Award for everlasting work to preserve and spread the African-American dance culture 

Together with the Rhythm Hot Shots, she was the founder of Herräng dance camp, one of the world’s most prestigious swing dance camps.  She also organized Hop The Millennium in Ensenada, Mexico which was attended by hundreds of dancers from around the world.  She was part of organizing the original Lindy Hop Argentina International Festival, and during her 10 years living in San Francisco, she created the famous Cat's Corner swing event, which is ongoing to this day.  In addition to being a sought-after teacher on her own, Catrine has continued to teach internationally with a variety of dance partners, including the late world-renowned Frankie Manning, his son Chazz Young, Elliott Donnelley, and Daniel Larsson. 

In addition to teaching the Swing/Jitterbug/Lindy Hop group classes (at both beginner and advanced levels), Catrine will be teaching a limited number of private lessons (for an additional fee). Register today to reserve your chance to take lessons with Catrine! 


As well as being a world-famous Swing and Lindy dancer, instructor and performer, Catrine also works regularly as an instructor in Zhineng Qigong. Zhineng Qigong is a Chinese method where students use simple movements train both body and mind.  Medical evaluation has shown positive results in relaxation and stress reduction not only in China but also in the Western world. Catrine will be teaching an introductory Qigong class during the cruise. 

Daniel Larsson (Photo by Tamara Pinco)

Daniel Larsson (Photo by Tamara Pinco)

Daniel Larsson

With inspiration from the original Hoofers, Daniel teaches and performs in the style and rhythm that was created by the legends of the original era of Swing.  To dance, and to spread the traditional style built on rhythm, gives him inspiration and joy in life.  His ability to dance a wide range of styles make him a well-respected dancer, instructor and performer around the world, as well as in his home country of Sweden.

In addition to teaching, performing and dancing in a broad range of Swing dance styles including Lindy Hop and Charleston, Daniel is trained as a Modern Jazz, Ballet and Tap dancer.  He works professionally in the performing arts, where singing and acting are also part of his repertoire. He has performed in numerous shows, including “Crazy for You,” “Love Never Dies,” “Singing in the Rain,” “Guys and Dolls,” “Producers,” “Chicago,” “La Cage aux Folles,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Grease” and many others.  Daniel is also known for his choreography, having choreographed musicals including “The Wild Party,” “Spelling Bee” and “Rebellas Skatt.”

“Never stop learning” is Daniel’s guiding principle and motto.  

In addition to teaching the Swing/Jitterbug/Lindy Hop group classes (at both beginner and advanced levels), Daniel will be teaching a limited number of private lessons (for an additional fee). Register today to reserve your chance to take lessons with Daniel! 

Ellen Engle

Ellen Engle

Ellen Engle

Ellen, the co-founder of the renowned Flying Feet Enterprises, has been teaching and dancing in the Washington DC area since 1989, as well as engaging students and enticing audiences around the world.  She specializes in multiple forms of American/Social Ballroom, Latin and Swing Dancing.  Her motto for her classes is “Keep it Fun!” 

Dancing since the age of 8, she discovered partner dancing while in college.  She started her Ballroom and Latin studies under Carol Montez, and was a founding member of the Claremont Colleges Ballroom Dance Company.  Also while in college, she took her first Lindy Hop lesson from Frankie Manning and an expansion of her dance passion was born!  She has since travelled throughout the US and overseas taking classes and/or teaching at various dance camps.

Her teaching and performance venues have included:

  • The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

  • Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts

  • The Smithsonian Institution

  • The US Naval Academy

  • National Geographic Explorer’s Jitterbug

  • PBS’s The Big Band Sound of WWII

  • Television spots on ABC, NBC, and CBS

  • The dedication of the WWII Memorial

  • The official US celebration of the 60th anniversary of the end of WWII

  • The International Monetary Fund

In addition to teaching the group classes for Social Ballroom & Latin Survival, and Salsa, Ellen will be teaching a limited number of private lessons (for an additional fee).  Register today to reserve your chance to dance with Ellen!